The core of the initiative Storytelling Time is made up of one year projects in primary schools and kindergartens. In order to make as many Berlin schools familiar with the project as possible, there are also 6-week offers. The storytelling events consistently maintain the focus on spoken word and on literary language, clearly distinct from everyday speech.
The structures, images, motifs and stylistic features of the folktale take root in the imagination of the children and grow on from there. In the course of the projects they develop an increasingly poetic language by retelling and making up stories and through the vivid examples set by the professional storytellers. Foreign language narrators and the telling of stories from the home countries of the parents expand the view of the variety of languages and cultures.

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Storytelling Time

  • is a proven method to introduce children to the German language. Especially children with an immigration background, in whose homes German is not spoken, as well as children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and children with significant learning disabilities benefit from this.
  • expands the language and narrative skills of children in a latent learning process, in which rational and emotional understanding complement each other in a fruitful way. The joy of using poetic language is awakened in a special manner.
  • understands the telling of stories as an elementary school of literary education. Children are introduced to testimonies of world literature.
  • encourages the children's curiosity of foreign cultures through the telling of stories from around the world ­– a path to mutual understanding and acceptance.
  • strengthens the children's ability to concentrate, i.e. their undistracted attention on the enlivenment of the spoken word.
  • develops the imagination and creativity, the ability to make up own pictures while listening.
  • closes the gap of educational opportunities: artistic narration reaches all children. It is t h e democratic form of literature mediation.
  • is a project that can be used in any school, it does not need any technical equipment and is flexible.
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The success of the project is dependent on the longevity and intensity of the encounter with the verbally conveyed story on the one hand, and on the professionalism of the narrators on the other. Teachers who encourage the rediscovery of storytelling in schools can initiate sustainable changes in the area of language education by returning to old literary and pedagogical traditions.

If interested in a storytelling project at your school, please send an email to info[at]